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Welcome to all,

We would wish to express our highest gratitude and sincere thank you to receive your participation with Martialarts.Com.My.

Martialarts.Com.My or its acronym, MCM - Martial Arts Community Malaysia, is driven by martial art enthusiasts and our main objective is to build a healthier lifestyle, unity and most importantly, patriotism through various channels in Malaysia. And there is no better time to do it than now!

MCM hopes to serve the country as a common and friendly platform for information on nationwide martial arts establishments and all its related programs. Among many of its segments are: forums, news, updates, event calendars and more. It is also a fun place in the virtual world for exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge, Martial Arts pictures and videos and also making new friends thus, promoting harmony through Martial Arts.

Participation is free of charge and open to all walks of life.

In the recent years, the Ministry of Sports of Malaysia has poured its tremendous effort to promote martial arts sports like taekwondo, silat, karate and wushu as a popular sport in Malaysia. Through this great effort, we are seeing many young and emerging talents in the country gaining wider exposure and also registering a massive participation into martial arts sports. As many of us are already aware of, martial arts context does not restrict to self-defense or sport only but it also instills discipline and it can curb social related problems among the young’s.

MCM pledged to charter a pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of this noble effort.

Lastly, we hope many of us will render their support by participating and encourage others to take part in this website.

Thank you very much.

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