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Pencak Silat : The Art Of Silat
Posted by Jet on 27/12/2010 20:00:00 .
Pencak Silat

One of the most effective martial art defense styles for the street is the Silat. Silat is the official martial art style of Malaysia. This martial art is divided into two categories. First is the Silat Olahraga, the combat style. Second is the Silat Seni, the performance style. Most of the Malaysian parents enrolled their children to Silat academy. Silat students are taught about self discipline, bravery, respect and self defense.

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Pencak Silat : RI victorious at pencak silat c’ships
Posted by Jet on 22/12/2010 20:57:12 .
Pencak Silat

~ Niken Prathivi, The Jakarta Post

Hosts Indonesia were crowned overall champions at the 14th Pencak Silat World Championships in Jakarta, carting a total of 10 gold, five silver and six bronze medals on Sunday.

2007 overall winners Vietnam trailed in second with eight gold, eight silver and three bronze medals, while Malaysia came third with four gold, six silver and six bronze.

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Pencak Silat : MSU martial artiste
Posted by Jet on 18/12/2010 5:10:00 .
Pencak Silat

Proud moment for Hairulnizam (second from right).

"MY involvement in Kelab Seni Silat Gayung Fatani (KSSGF) at Management & Science University (MSU) was initially only to develop my interest in martial arts but it has taken me far," said Mohd Hairulnizam Ibrahim, 26, on the beginning of his involvement in martial arts.

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Pencak Silat : Indonesia to host world pencak silat championship
Posted by young on 4/12/2010 12:30:00 .
Pencak Silat

JAKARTA, December 1 (Xinhua) -- The Executive Board of Indonesia Pencak Silat Association will host the world championship on December 12-17, Kompas daily quoted an official as saying on Wednesday.

The World Championship of Pencak Silat XIII-2010, to feature at least 32 countries, would be held in East Jakarta.

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Pencak Silat : Drive to get more people to take up Silat Gayong
Posted by Jet on 27/11/2010 13:40:00 .
Pencak Silat

Silat Seni Gayong Association of Malaysia trainers at the national trainers course in Port Dickson. - NST picture by Owee Ah Chun

PORT DICKSON: The Silat Seni Gayong Association of Malaysia (PSSGM) aims to recruit more members and create greater awareness of the use of the martial art.

The association hopes this would foster better relations and understanding among the people.

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