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Discussion - Tae Kwon Do - More Shocking Danstistic aka Dansgate - MCM
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McDojo Posted on: 4/1/2011 8:45
#1 More Shocking Danstistic aka Dansgate
Martian Posted on: 8/1/2011 10:05
#2 Re: Shocking Danstistic

Look who is in promotion commnittee
Martian Posted on: 19/1/2011 12:54
#3 Re: Shocking Danstistic
Take off the dan promotion webpage just like erase the evidence?
McDojo Posted on: 20/1/2011 22:02
#4 Re: Shocking Danstistic

The Promotion webpage is restored but with different format now. The promotions are listed according to the Dans and not the year.

In anticipation of the changes, the original Promotion webpages had been screen captured prior to the changes. You can view the screen captures of original webpage at:

Please click the thumbnails to view in full size.
principa Posted on: 22/1/2011 14:16
#5 Re: Shocking Danstistic
you can also contact any of the ICTF Masters in Malaysia to get answers for your research
McDojo Posted on: 27/1/2011 14:32
#6 Re: Shocking Danstistic
Dear Principa:

This is not a research but rather an awareness campaign to let the students and the parents know that they had been short changed by these masters/examiners who issued worthless testimonials/certificates instead of registering them with ICTF as they had done for themselves.

It is these masters/examiners who should answer to these students/parents.


"Not A Whistle Blower"
Transient Posted on: 28/1/2011 11:23
#7 Re: Shocking Danstistic
Hello, a bit shocked to see the assumptions in the first post.

This is my take of the situation.

The instructors collect fees for each grading, whether the student passes or not is another matter. If the student passes, and manages to obtain a 1st degree, he/she has the choice to apply for an International Certificate from the ICTF.

I think there are many BBs in Malaysia who didn't apply for the International Certificate, hence the lack of Malaysians in the list of recent promotion for 1st degree.

If the BB holder wants to be recognized internationally, then he/she has to apply for the International Certificate, and any payment is done directly to ICTF.
McDojo Posted on: 29/1/2011 17:54
#8 Re: Shocking Danstistic
supremegm Posted on: 14/2/2011 21:38
#9 Re: Shocking Danstistic
supremegm Posted on: 15/2/2011 10:34
#10 Re: Shocking Danstistic
Dear McDojo/ not a whistle blower

ICTF change their promotion webpage format is part of the new website upgrade and changes exercise and nothing to do with your articles. The changes of the format has been rooted since last year.

I do not know your friend's son is under which ICTF instructor but if the instructor is one of the active ICTF members in Malaysia that I mentioned in my above reply he can apply for his ICTF BB cert at USD 100 plus shipping cost of USD 45. The grading fees always is separate from certificate application fees it is the same goes to ITF. Of course ITF-NK group BB cert is expensive then ICTF but every organisations have their own fees structure.

And if you or anybody want to know more detail about ICTF you can contact the ICTF membership Committee chair and President Kwang Jang Master Cariati. Or for TKD classes you can contact GM Ally Teoh in Malacca ICTF Secretary General and ICTF Malaysia working committee President. If you in Subang area you can contact Master Bobby Teo ICTF Malaysia working committee Secretary, or If you in PJ area you can contact Master Nelson or KL area Master Lim both ICTF Malaysia Vice President, or if you in Shah Alam area you can contact Gary Tong ICTF Malaysia Technical and Umpire Committee Chairman, or if you in Klang area you can contact steven William Visual Martial Arts TKD Sr Instructor, or if you in Penang area you can contact ICTF Malaysia Treasurer Master Ch'ng or if you in Cheras area you can contact our new member Master Leon Ng. How to get their contact pls leave your e-mail add. and I will ask them to contact you.

ICTF so far is a fair and democratic organisation and less TKD politic organisation that I ever join compare to other organisation that I had joined before. ICTF offer fair and reasonable fees for Malaysia ICTF member beside a good support and encouragement from HQ especially the President himself. Although we are small in numbers in Malaysia but we all respecting each other.

For those interested to join as an individual Voting member in ICTF, kindly contact ICTF adminstration. For more info on ICTF pls log on to

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