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MtTiger Posted on: 17/9/2009 10:47
#1 Muay Thai Course-Basic at Malaysian Tigers Gym
Kepada semua peminat Muay Thai,

Kami akan menjalankan kursus Muay Thai fasa 1 untuk semua peminat Muay Thai yang baru yang ingin belajar teknik-teknik asas seni ini ataupun sesiapa yang pernah belajar Muay Thai dan ingin menggilapkan lagi teknik-teknik asas mereka.

Tempat: Malaysian Tigers Gym di Kelana Jaya, PJ.

Sesiapa yang berminat boleh tujukan persoalan anda kepada:-

Muay Thai basics Course at Malaysian Tigers Gym,
We will be organising a 'Kickstart' Course in Muay Thai Basics starting Tuesday September the 29th.

Open to: Beginners or anyone wishing to polish up their Muay Thai techniques.

Venue: Malaysian Tigers Gym, Kelana Jaya, PJ.

Syllabus: Muay Thai Basics-This covers Footwork, Moves, Kicks, Punches, Knees, Elbows
& defensive techniques.

Objective-to provide a grounding so that new starters have the confidence to go on to join a
class, or so that those already with experience can learn the basics properly
before moving on.
Daus Posted on: 28/9/2009 20:11
#2 Re: Muay Thai Course-Basic at Malaysian Tigers Gym

ada kebarangkalian dibuka di negeri lain mungkin?


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